What problems exist in Starsville? What needs to occur in the school and the community to make things right?

Question: What problems exist in Starsville? What needs to occur in the school and the community to make things right? Compare and contrast the events in this case with a school setting with which you are familiar. How are the issues the same and different? What is the impact of changing demographics in both settings? What are school leaders doing to address the needs of all learners?

CASE STUDY: WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE DEMOGRAPHICS CHANGE? Howe, W. A., & Lisi, P. L. (2017). Becoming a multicultural educator: Developing awareness, gaining skills, and taking action (2nd ed.). Los Angeles: SAGE. Key Issues to Be Explored in the Case 1. Understand the cultural influences you experienced while growing up. 2. Become aware of the obstacles sometimes faced by newcomers and people of color. 3. Adapt teaching strategies to be congruent with changing student populations. Starsville was a typical, sleepy New England town comprised almost exclusively of White, middle-class citizens whose families had lived there for generations. As is the case in many small towns, the residents seemed to appreciate the idea that they knew each other and shared similar pastimes, values, beliefs, and ways of living. Then one of the churches in town decided to sponsor a family of refugees from a South American country. Initially, the town residents rallied around this family and supported them in finding work, finding housing, and enrolling their children in the schools. The school-age children, for whom English was not the first language, posed a new challenge to the school system and to the teachers who were not accustomed to teaching non-English-speaking children. In another development, due to the close proximity of Starsville to a large metropolitan area, African American and Hispanic families from the city-upwardly mobile professionals-began buying homes in town. Starsville was quickly becoming a diverse community. As the numbers of newcomers increased and people didn’t have opportunities to get to know each other, problems arose in the schools and in town. A refugee from Bosnia was chased home by bullies throwing stones. A group of Vietnamese girls were taunted by other girls as they walked through the high school hallways. Racist graffiti began appearing around town. Fights were becoming more frequent in school, especially between the newer students and the students from more established homes. Derogatory comments about minority students became more common in the teachers’ lounge. An educator who had prided herself on being able to reach and support the neediest students became distressed by the treatment of students in her school and in the community at large. Perhaps most distressing was her realization that teachers did not know what to do to best teach the new students.


1. The problems which exist in starsville are mainly due to the presence of diverse community; as there is an increase in population and there is an increase problem in the school as English was not the fist language. People use to bully the Bosnia by throwing stones; A girl from Vietnamese group also taunted by other girls and there was fight between old and new students. The teachers also become distress because people think that they don’t know the best methods to teach.

2. In order to resolve the above mentioned consequences it is important to make English first language and give value to this language as it is important for the career of children. In addition the community of Starsille should stop blaming the other community and they should not taunt or throw stones on others. It is important to learn their culture and should I respect every other person. It is important to interact with each other to know and develop a friendly environment.

3. In modern era, I know a school where English is compulsory language and teachers are friendly with the students. It is important to maintain a quality relation and interact with them to know then better and enhance their growth and development. However in this school the English Alan giage is not given that importance and local students used to taunt and throw stones on other community students.

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