If you were asked as an expert to provide an estimate of the effort needed

Question: If you were asked as an expert to provide an estimate of the effort needed to make certain changes to an existing piece of software, what information would you like to have to hand to assist you in making that estimate?

Our teacher told us to get help from the internet but not to copy and paste. Our teacher told us to answer the questions briefly. This question very important for me. Please help me.

Lesson : Software Project Management. (Book: Software Project Management Bob Hughes and Mike Cotterell 5th edition)

Solution: Effort estimation for changes in a software project can be calculated using lines of code. But, before we estimate efforts, we need to estimate the size of the changes in terms of lines of code.

1. Using Function Points (Programming language independent)

We can count the number of functionalities that will be changed and then multiply that with the number of lines that will be needed to implement in a particular programming language (53 for Java)

2. Using Lines of Code directly (Programming language dependent)

Once we have the lines of code required for the changes, we can use one of the COCOMO models to estimate the efforts based on the number of lines of code.

There are 3 types of cocomo models for 3 types of different systems (based on size) and they have fixed values for the formula

Based on size of project

1. Organic

2. Semi-detached

3. Embedded

Based on degree of correctness or accuracy of estimation

1. Basic

2. Intermediate

3. Detailed (Break the software into modules and apply basic or intermediate cocomo)

Formula for Basic Cocomo

Software Projectsab

Effort (E) = a * (LOC)b

Formula for Intermediate Cocomo

Software Projectsab

Effort (E) = (a * (LOC)b )* EAF

Note: EAF stands for Effort adjustment factor and its value might usually be given in the question.

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