A new project has an average novelty for the software supplier that is going to execute it.

Question: A new project has an average novelty for the software supplier that is going to execute it. Development flexibility is high, and requirements may change radically. The development team is all located at the same office and the software house as a whole tends to be formal in its standards and procedures. The product should be very reliable, and the algorithms are complex. The supplier would like to reuse the project with suitable modifications on further contracts. Developers are familiar with the platform and they are capable of conducting this specific type of project. The toolsets available to the development team are judged to be typical for this size of company, as is the degree of schedule pressure to meet a deadline. a. What would be the scale factor in this case? b. What would be the estimate of effort if the size of the application was estimated as in the region of 2000 lines of code? c. What would be the impact of all the effort multipliers on the project estimation?


The success of a software project depends on the stakeholder. A stakeholder outside the project organization can see success in terms of the final cost and time incurred while the internal stakeholders can find success in meeting the scope of the project. So we can say that project success criteria varies with the different groups of stakeholders.

A project is defined successful when it passes the quality checks meeting all the quality requirements,cost,time-lines and the agreed scope.
But if a project meets all these does not guarantees to be a successful one,there are projects that do not meet these requirements but are still successful.

successful projects are completed within time,budget,scope,performance requirements and user acceptance testing(UAT).

The main reason of a project failure is poor project management. Most of the factors like limited use of automation testing, automated planning ,improper utilization of resources, etc are associated with project failure are directly or indirectly related to project management.

In todays era, software firms has major problem of project failures due to schedule and cost overruns. To avoid this the software industries should be sensitized with using proper quality checks and automation using tools for estimation and project planning. Also project decisions should be taken after reviewing previous project experiences which should be recorded for future use.

Most of the industries use Know Error dB to save effort and time in resolving the same type of issues.
A software industry has different types of projects ,different relationship with the customers and different culture. Accordingly the project metrics should be defined to achieve success.

The perception of success depends on the role of the stakeholder(developer,manager,client,etc)

However below are the ten most important factors deciding projects success:-

1. Continuous Client feedback to developers
2. Skilled resources
3. Requirement reviewed and accepted by the development team
4. Continuous review and feedback from the project manager
5. Realistic project milestones
6. Structured and defined methodology
7. Project team involved in project decisions
8. Clear requirements
9. Clients support in case of requirement ambiguity
10. Good relationship and understanding b/w client and the project team

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