Calculus for Business, Economics, and the Social and Life Sciences, Brief Version (11th Edition) : Chapter A, Problem 1TAI

Question: For comfortable modern living, it is estimated that person needs roughly 60 m^2 for housing, 40 m^2 for his or her job, 50 m^2 for public buildings and recreation facilities, 90 m^2 for transportation (e.g. highways), and 4,000 m^2 for production of food.

Switzerland has approximately 11,000 km2 of livable space (arable and habitable land). How many people can comfortably live in Switzerland? Look up the actual population of Switzerland. Based on the figures given here, is Switzerland overcrowded or is there still room for comfortable growth?

Solution: Given that a person needs 60 square meters for housing, 40 square meters for his or her job, 50 square meters for public buildings and recreation facilities, 90 square meters for transportation, and 4,000 square meters for the production of food.

Therefore the total area needed per person is,

So, one person requires the area

Then the number of people that can accommodated in the area of 11,000 square kilometers is,


people can comfortably live in.

There are about 7.997 million people live in

in the year 2012.

You can see that

is overcrowded.

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