Is this positive thinking is really beneficial?

Question: Is this positive thinking is really beneficial?
Positive thinking is defined as a mental attitude or world view of optimism that interprets situations and events as being the best. Positive thinking has been used in various organizational behavior context and the general idea is to accept positive thinking as being good. The main idea of positive thinking is that one must banish negative thoughts. Only positive thinking should be pursued and implemented.

But is this positive thinking is really beneficial? Analyze how positive thinking would lead to sub optimal decision making process in the context of non-programed decision and programmed decision making.

Solution: Yes, positive thinking is really beneficial. If we think in a positive way, we will have positive results and will be happy most of the time.

  • Positive mind attract positive people : If we strongly decides to be a positive individual, then we can make law of attraction to work in the favour of each and every one of us.
  • It can create good and harmonious relations : when we think in a positive manner, then we will always notice only the good things of other and will ignore all the bad about them. This will result in a great meaningful friendships. This will also create a positive atmosphere around us.
  • It provides us to create better first impression : This better first impressions can also bring better future relationships to us.
  • It is also beneficial for our health : Many scientific studies had proven that individuals with a good positive mind are less likely to suffer from mental health issues like stress or depression than the negative thinking individuals.
  • It is also a key of success : Positive thinking can make an individual to realize that there is no tough or difficulties and we work hard in a positive mind, we can achieve it easier.

Positive thinking also improves one’s decision making capacity. If an individual is in negative mood, then he/she may not take any decision have a positive impact. Thus an individual with a positive vibe will be freely to think of many possible decisions which have an overall positive impact. This will be highly useful in both programmed and non programmed decision making process.

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