How can barriers to process improvement, such as staff resistance to change

How can barriers to process improvement, such as staff resistance to change, lack of capital, technological barriers, and clinical practice guidelines, be overcome? Proffer at least 2 recommendations for each barrier with rationale.


The need for an organization to optimally achieve its goals or standards quality makes process improvement initiatives important. However, several barriers, including resistance of staff to change, lack of capital, technological barriers and clinical guidelines, abound in the implementation of these initiatives and must be overcome. Staff resistance to change can be overcome by developing a stakeholder analysis to identify the needs of the different stakeholders, such as fear of losing jobs, and providing assurances of their welfare and using a team-based problem solving approach (Pexton, 2017). In addition, since people are likely to oppose what is forced upon them, staff resistance to change can be overcome by involving them in any process improvement stage. Lack of capital requisite to effect changes required for process improvement can be overcome by seeking outside assistance needed to drive initial projects, for example, appealing to financial institutions or donors (Pexton, 2017). Lack of capital can also be overcome though training and mentoring of the existing workforce as this would allow them to handle new tasks that arise from the expected changes (Andersen, 2007).

Technological barriers arise when new solutions have to be adopted in process improvement. They can be overcome by quantifying improvements expected to be brought about by implementation of new technology to efficiency or revenue, as this would allow establishment of a linkage between technology and the key objectives of an organization and in turn reduce skepticism in the ranks (Andersen, 2007). Furthermore, reviewing of the current technology map and considering how it is likely to evolve in future can help anticipate integration issues a how to best address them when a new technology is brought into an organization (Andersen, 2007). Barriers associated with clinical practice guidelines, when process improvement is in the context of healthcare system can be overcome through adoption of systems and structures that lucidly link performance with overall strategies(Pexton, 2017), and use of checklists and protocols to enhance outcomes.

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